Cannot browse to specific web sites: Android devices

Understanding the Issue


Use this document to troubleshoot problems when a handset randomly powers off on Windows Mobile devices.




Resolution Steps


  1. Make sure you are not on your phone when troubleshooting.
  2. If your browser gives an error that it is blocked, restricted, or filtered, the site is being blocked by WebGuard due to the content.
  3. Clear your browser history, cookies, and cache. See How Tos for steps.
  4. Power off your handset.
  5. Wait 5 seconds and power on the handset.
  6. Try accessing the web site again.
  7. If this is a outside of web2go / t-zones, try accessing it from a computer.
    • If you cannot access the web site from a computer, the problem is with the web site.
    • If the site is within web2go / t-zones, or can be accessed from a computer but not your handset,,contact us.