Hot battery: Windows Mobile devices

    Understanding the Issue


    Use this document to troubleshoot problems with the battery heating up or becoming hot on Windows Mobile devices.




    Resolution Steps


    1. Make sure you are not on your phone when troubleshooting.
    2. Is your battery or device warm or excessively hot? Excessively hot is defined as too hot to keep in contact with skin.
      • The battery or device will get warm when powering on, being charged, during long calls, and especially when using data intensive features like streaming media or GPS.
    3. If you left your device in an area where it is exposed to extreme heat or cold temperatures (such as leaving the phone in the car, on top of a computer, or directly exposed to the sun for at least 2 straight hours) store the device at room temperature for at least 3 hours. If the device cools down, the phone is functioning properly.
    4. If the issue only occurs when using a specific third-party app, uninstall that app.
    5. Does your device also experience freezing or crashing as well as an excessively hot battery? If so, go to the platform space for crashing / freezing troubleshooting..
      Note: If you resolve the device crashing / freezing issue but the battery still overheats, return to this document to continue troubleshooting the battery issue.
    6. Check the battery for missing contacts, swelling, or other physical damage. If you see liquid or physical damage, contact us.
    7. If you are using a non-T-Mobile battery, contact the battery manufacturer for troubleshooting.
    8. If possible, try a different battery. If another battery does not have the issue, the original should be replaced.
    9. If the above steps have not resolved your issue, contact us.