Internet & data troubleshooting: Windows Mobile 6

    Understanding the Issue

    Use this document for troubleshooting no data connectivity or no Internet access on Windows devices.


    Related Errors

    • "Cannot connect to the Internet"
    • "Web page not available"


    Possible Causes

    • APNs are incorrect in the device
    • Network outage
    • Low Signal
    • Poor network connection


    Resolution Steps


    1. In the Notification bar, verify the device has two (2) or more bars of signal and it not in Airplane mode.
      • If the device is in Airplane mode, See device forums for steps to turn Airplane mode off.
    2. Verify the data settings are enabled, and Wi-Fi is off.
      1. From the Home screen, tap Start.
      2. Tap Settings.
      3. Tap Wireless Controls.
      4. Tap Data connection or verify that it is on.
    3. Verify the device APNs are properly configured and not disabled. See device forums for these steps.
    4. Verify data toggle is switched to on
    5. If you corrected device settings, test the data connection.
    6. Access the device's Internet settings and clear the Internet cache, Cookie data, history, form data, passwords, and location access.
      1. From the Home screen, tap Start.
      2. Tap Internet Explorer.
      3. Tap the Menu icon in the lower right corner.
      4. Tap the Settings icon.
      5. Tap Tools.
      6. Tap Options.
      7. Tap Browser History.
      8. Tap Temporary Files.
      9. Tap Clear.
      10. Tap Yes.
      11. Tap Cookies.
      12. Tap Clear.
      13. Tap Yes.
      14. Tap History.
      15. Tap Clear.
      16. Tap Yes.
      17. Tap Done.
    7. Verify you are using the default Internet browser and not a third-party browser and retest.
    8. If the issue persists, remove the battery, when applicable, from the device.
    9. While the battery is removed, remove the SIM card and verify it is correctly provisioned on the account.
    10. Reinsert the battery, and turn the device back on.
    11. Retest.
    12. Test the Internet using a 2G connection only.
      1. From the Home screen, tap Start.
      2. Tap Settings.
      3. Tap Menu.
      4. Tap All settings.
      5. Tap Personal.
      6. Tap Phone.
      7. Tap the Network tab.
      8. Tap the drop down list under Network selection.
      9. Tap Manual.
        The device searches for available networks.
      10. Tap the desired network.
      11. Tap OK.
        Note: The phone detects and registers on wireless networks inside T-Mobile’s calling area, but roaming networks are usually restricted to T-Mobile SIM cards. You can manually select a network only in areas where T-Mobile does not own GSM spectrum.
    13. Have you recently installed or downloaded and applications prior to the issue starting? If so, uninstall the application and test the connection.
        Note: Do not master reset the device or remove every application. Only remove the applications that you may have downloaded within approximately the last 24 hours prior to the issue occurring, or that might interfere with connectivity.