Images do not display in web browser or Internet on Android

    Understanding the Issue

    The Internet connection may work, but the web browser may not displaying pictures or images.



    Resolution Steps

    If the the Internet connection is working but the web browser is not displaying pictures or images, follow these steps:


    1. Adjust the browser settings:
      1. From the Home screen, touch the All Programs button.
      2. Touch Internet or Web.
      3. Press the Menu key.
      4. Touch More.
      5. Touch Settings.
      6. Verify that the Load images check box is selected.
      7. Verify that the Enable JavaScript check box is selected.
      8. Scroll down and touch the following:
        • Clear cache
        • Clear history
        • Clear cookie data
      9. If the option is available, touch Set cache size, and increase it.
      10. Press the Back key.
    2. Verify the signal strength and data connection is adequate.
    3. Test loading the images on two other web pages. Test the web page on another mobile device if available too.
      • If images work on either of the other web pages, the problem is most likely with the web page and not the device.
      • If the images do not load on other mobile devices, it is definitely an issue with he web page and not the device.
    4. If the issue recurs, clear application cache:
      1. Press the Home key.
      2. Press the Menu key.
      3. Touch Settings.
      4. Touch Applications.
      5. Touch Manage Applications.
      6. Touch the Running tab.
      7. Touch Internet or Web.
      8. Touch Force stop.
      9. Touch Clear data.
        • Note: This deletes any saved bookmarks. If you do not want to clear all data, touch Clear cache instead. However if the problem continues, return to these settings and Clear data.
      10. Touch OK.
    5. Uninstall all apps and updates that you installed since the images last worked.
    6. Check the device documentation for any memory related docs.
    7. Test loading a web page again.
    8. If the problem continues, troubleshoot for Device is slow / freezes / restarts / or displays memory errors: Android.