'Error' when attempting to turn on Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi hotspot: Android

    When attempting to turn on WiFi or a WiFi hotspot, the word ‘Error’ appears in the Wi-Fi Settings.



    • Error: ‘Error’ in Wi-Fi Settings when turning on




    Customers may experience this error message for the following reasons:


    • Too far from Wi-Fi router
    • Too close to Wi-Fi router
    • 2.4 GHz wireless interference
    • Wi-Fi router issues (unsupported)


    Device causes
    Software version affected

    HD1U815M VER.D

    Software version resolved








    To fix the Wi-Fi connectivity error messages, follow these steps:



    Device steps


    1. Check the software version of the device. If it is not up to date, then update it.
    2. Turn the phone off, and turn it back on.
      Note: Doing this multiple times sometimes help to resolve the problem.
    3. Attempt to turn on Wi-Fi.
    4. If Wi-Fi still cannot turn on after turning the phone off and on a few times, then remove the battery.
    5. Re-insert the battery. (Do not turn the phone on yet. The next step will do that.)
    6. Wipe the cache partition.
      Note: See how to wipe cache for many HTC devices, or see documents for your device for specific steps.
    7. Turn on the device.
    8. Check the battery level. If it is blow 50%, plug the device into the wall charger.
      Note: Low battery may cause the problem. Make sure it is charged.
    9. Turn on airplane mode for one minute.
    10. Turn off airplane mode.
    11. Attempt to turn on Wi-Fi.
    12. If W-Fi still cannot turn on, perform a master reset.
      Note: See documents for your device for specific steps.
    13. Turn on Wi-Fi with no third-party apps installed.
    14. If the issue continues after all steps above and with no third-party apps installed, then you may have a problem that:
      • We are tracking the reported problem currently.
      • Until we determine what causes the problem, there is not any more resolution. But your feedback will help us determine the problem.
      • The issue is being reported on all recent Android models from all carriers (including Verizon and Sprint), and is not specific to your device nor T-Mobile.
      • If you are comfortable using a development fix that is not supported by T-Mobile, see: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1295319
    15. If you still have 'Error' appearing when turning on Wi-Fi after following all steps above, then contact us.