Force close error or process stops unexpectedly: Android

Understanding the Issue


Related errors


  • 'Force Close'
  • 'Force Close or Wait'
  • 'android.process.mms has stopped unexpectedly'
  • 'android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly'
  • ' has stopped unexpectedly'
  • 'Sorry! The application [name] is not responding'
  • App crashes and returns to the Home screen
  • App crashed and screen goes blank or black
  • App runs slow, stutters, or stops responding to touch or button presses
  • The application TWlauncher process has stop unexpectedly


Possible causes


Apps or system processes may force close or stop unexpectedly. This may display an error message or may not. There are several possible causes for this:


  • App cache or data is corrupted
  • Third-party applications with software problems
  • Programs running in background
  • Incompatibility with app settings


These problems can occur even on properly working Android devices from all carriers and manufacturers. The most common cause of the problems are listed above and can be fixed with the steps below.


Resolution Steps

App previously worked


If the app that is showing errors has previously worked and not been updated, follow these steps:


  1. Think about the pattern of what you were doing when the device froze, and what programs were open in the background. Use the answers to focus on device functions or apps that are not working correctly.

    Note: If the problem is related to more than one specific app, see: Device is slow / freezes / restarts / or displays memory errors: Android
  2. Check the docs for your device to see if there are any specific instructions for it
  3. If the problem is related to contacts or an 'android.process.acore', back up your contacts:
    1. From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
    2. Touch Settings.
    3. Touch Accounts & sync.
    4. Turn off all synchronization to Google accounts and T-Mobile Contacts Backup.
    5. Return to the Home screen.
    6. Open the App menu.
    7. Touch Contacts or People.
    8. If there are any contacts listed, they are stored on your phone (because you turned off the ones synced). From the menu, export them to the SD card to save them.
  4. Clear the app cache and data:
    1. From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
    2. Touch Settings.
    3. Touch Applications.
    4. Touch Manage Applications.
    5. Touch All.
    6. Select the application that is having issues.
      Note: For the following errors:
      • android.process.acore: Select Contacts storage.
      • android.process.mms: Select Messages.
      • Select Download Manager or Downloads (At the bottom of the list). Make sure the Downloads Manager is enabled. If it isn't, enable it before proceeding.
      • TWlauncher process Select TWLauncher.   
    7. Touch Clear data and Clear cache if they are available. This resets the app as if it was new, and may delete personal data stored in the app.
  5. If you turned off sync, return to Accounts & sync and turn it back on. If necessary, import any contacts you exported to the SD card.
  6. Uninstall all third-party party task managers, battery saver, or apps that close programs. For information, see Manage Applications: Manage memory on Android.
  7. Restart the device.
  8. Open the app to test if the problem happens again.
  9. If the problem recurs, uninstall the app (if possible).
  10. Wipe the cache partition to clear system memory.
    Note: To find steps for your device, search Support Community for: wipe cache [device name]
  11. Open Play Store, and re-install or update the app.
  12. Open the app to test if the problem happens again.
  13. If the problem recurs:


App never worked OR app received update and stopped working


If the app that is showing errors never worked OR was updated and then stopped working, then follow these steps:


  • If the error is with a pre-installed app, then look for more content in your device space or user manual.
  • If the error is with third-party apps, then contact the app developer. T-Mobile does not support third-party apps.