Domestic data roaming FAQs

Find answers to commonly asked questions about domestic data roaming.





Will I be charged for domestic data roaming?

No, T-Mobile does not charge for domestic data roaming. However, once your domestic data roaming allotment has been reached your data services will be unavailable until you return to a T-Mobile coverage area, your bill cycle starts over or you increase your data plan. If you have a Wi-Fi capable device, you may use Wi-Fi to access unlimited data.



How much data can I use each month while roaming domestically?

This depends on your data plan. The larger the data plan, the more domestic data roaming you have access to each month. This also means that if you exceed the amount for your plan, you may be able to upgrade to a larger plan either temporarily or permanently.


The megabyte allotment for your data plan can often be found by reviewing the Available Service Section on page one of your bill (ex: Classic Simple 200MB Data Promo) or by dialing #WEB# from your mobile phone.


Use the chart below to determine the domestic data roaming allotment for your data plan.


Previous data speed limit

New domestic roaming data limit

Less than 200MB


200MB to 1GB


2GB to 4.99GB


5GB to 10.99GB


11GB to 21GB


Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data w/

Limited 3GB through 11GB Data SMHS

Mobile Web Pay Per Use10MB
On-Demand Data Pass0MB



How can I monitor my roaming data?

You will receive a free usage alert via text message to notify you once you use 80% of your monthly domestic data roaming allotment. You will receive another free usage alert via text message to notify you when you reach 100% of your domestic data roaming allotment. These text messages will contain a link that will allow you to view your real-time usage. You can also view your domestic data usage by using the MyAccount feature on your device once you have exceeded 80% of the monthly allotment (whether you are roaming or not).



How can I manage my data usage?

There are several things you can do to better control data usage:


  • Use Wi-Fi whenever possible, especially when downloading apps or music and when streaming music or video.
  • Set email and other social networking applications that synchronize data to “manual” mode instead of “automatic” so you can control when you are synching data.
  • Android phones can use applications like My Data Manager to track and control usage. It is not a T-Mobile application but may be very useful.



What can I do if I have exhausted my roaming data?

You can upgrade your data plan to one that includes a higher domestic data roaming allotment (temporarily or permanently), return to the T-Mobile network, wait for your billing cycle to start over, or use Wi-Fi for unlimited data access if you have a Wi-Fi capable device once you reach your domestic data roaming limit. Most data services will be blocked when you reach your domestic data roaming allotment, however, you can still access the My Account features on your device.





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