Caller ID, Name ID, and anonymous callers

    Learn about Caller ID, Name ID, and why some numbers appear as anonymous calls in your display.




    Caller ID

    Caller ID is a free service that let's you know who is calling by displaying their number on your phone. If the caller's contact information is stored in your phone, you'll see their name as well. Because of landline limitations, some numbers may not display on Caller ID.


    If you have a landline phone, you most likely have Enhanced Landline Caller ID. If not, a combination of the caller's city, state, or 'Wireless caller' and their mobile number displays on the caller ID.



    Name ID

    For a monthly fee, Name ID lets you see the name and number calling, even if you don't have the caller's information stored in your phone. This service is available to our Simple Choice™ Plan customers. You can add Name ID to your line by changing your services on My T-Mobile.



    Anonymous callers

    When you receive calls, the telephone number of the caller is generally delivered to your mobile device, allowing you to ID the number (and the name you entered into your contacts) of a caller before answering. However, the FCC has mandated that mobile carriers allow callers the ability to block their Caller ID information and thus place “anonymous” calls. T-Mobile is obligated to honor the privacy of the caller in these circumstances. Of course, you may choose not to accept such calls. But we cannot block the call or override the privacy choice of the caller.


    Before you make a call, you can choose to block your Caller ID information. Simply dial *67 prior to dialing the called party’s number.


    For more information about this, as well as other issues dealing with privacy and security, please see our Privacy & Security Resources page.



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