Buy a SIM card

Learn how to buy a T-Mobile SIM starter kit. SIM starter kits include a SIM card, and can be purchased through online, over the phone, or at a T-Mobile retail location.



If you need to know what type of SIM card you need, check out About SIM cards.




Purchase a SIM starter kit on My T-Mobile

Currently, postpaid customers cannot purchase replacement SIM cards through My T-Mobile.


You can purchase a SIM kit for a new line:

  1. Log on to My T-Mobile.
  2. Click SHOP.
  3. Click the SHOP ACCESSORIES button.
  4. Click PHONES.
  5. Scroll down past the phones, and click the appropriate SIM card:
    • T-Mobile SIM Starter Kit
    • T-Mobile SIM Starter Kit - Micro SIM
    • T-Mobile SIM Starter Kit - Nano SIM
  6. Click the BUY NOW button.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to purchase your SIM card.



Call Customer Care

Contact us though Customer Care to request that we mail you a SIM card or starter kit.



Purchase a SIM card from a T-Mobile retail location

Find the nearest store using our Store Locator. We encourage you to call the store closest to you to check SIM Starter Kit availability and pricing.