International Discounted Calling (IDC)

Use this page to assist customers who call about the International Discounted Calling Feature (IDC).





  • IDC allows you to enjoy a discount on the per-minute rate over international dialing rates by adding the IDC Feature. 
  • The discounted rate applies ONLY to outgoing calls placed from the United States to foreign mobile or landline phones. 


  • IDC rates are available for over 200 countries. 
  • There are two different rates for each international country:     
    • Landline terminating: highest savings 
    • Mobile terminating:equal to or higher than landline rates
    • The Mobile terminating rate will still be a significant savings in comparison to the normal per-minute rate.


Customers who mostly call Mexico may benefit from the Mas Mexico International Dialing Feature instead.




  • International Discounted Calling (IDC) is not available to customers in Puerto Rico. 
  • You cannot have International Long Distance Barring active on your account. 
  • If you have the grandfathered feature for Discounted Dialing to Canada or Mexico, you must remove this feature from your account before you can take advantage of International Discounted Calling.
  • T-Mobile cannot guarantee discounted rating for numbers ported between a mobile carrier and a landline carrier. T-Mobile does not have access to porting documentationand has no way of determining the status (mobile or landline) of the international destination number at the time of the call.



Rates and Pricing

  • International Discounted Calling rates can be viewed on the International Dialing page.
  • The cost of the International Discounted Calling (IDC) feature is $5.00 per month.



Adding the International Discounted Calling feature


  1. From the T-Mobile home page, click Login/Sign up in the top right corner and enter your mobile number and password.
    • Note: You have to be the primary account holder or have full access to make these changes.


  1. Click Manage Account to the right of your device picture.


  1. Select the applicable line on the left.


  1. Click Edit these services under the heading Services on this phone on the right.


  1. Scroll down and click the International button.   




  1. Find International Discounted Calling and click Add.

Note: You are not able to retain both the International Long Distance Blocking and the International Discounted Calling feature.       




  1. Click Continue, review your changes and then click Save Changes