Register on My T-Mobile

    Learn how to register for My T-Mobile. My T-Mobile is a free service offered to all T-Mobile customers.



    To register on My T-Mobile:


    1. Go to
    2. Click the My T-MobileMy T-Mobile Sign Up Icon icon and click SIGN UP.
    3. Enter the 10-digit mobile number and click Get started.
    4. Your phone or internet device will receive a message containing the password. See phone & internet devices for steps on checking messages.
      • passwords messages are free.
      • If you have an internet device such as a tablet or USB laptop stick that cannot receive text messages, use the alternate option of verifying the last 4 digits of primary account holder’s SSN or the account PIN.
    5. Enter the temporary password and click Continue.
    6. Set up the Password and Security Questions.
    7. Complete the rest of the form and click the Sign up button to complete My T-Mobile registration.




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