About call forwarding

    Call forwarding allows you to forward your incoming calls to another number. Not only can you set it up to forward all your calls immediately, you also have other options. You can also set it up to forward if you don't answer the call, if your phone is turned off, or if you're out of signal range.


    Be aware of the following when using call forwarding:


    • You can't forward calls to international numbers.
    • You can only forward calls to 10- or 11-digit numbers.
    • Forwarding while roaming depends on the host country's network capabilities.


    To set up call forwarding, visit the Phones page. Select your phone, then go to Calls > Call forwarding to view the steps.


    If you need help with forwarding your calls during a T-Mobile Test Drive, see T-Mobile Test Drive call forwarding how-tos.



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