411 Directory Assistance Overview

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    How do I reach a live operator for directory assistance?

    To reach a live operator for directory assistance, perform the following steps:

    From your T-Mobile phone, dial 411, and then press send.

    Note: In most cases, 411 & More has been automatically added to your phone book as a service to you. From your phone book, you can select the link and your phone will dial 411 for you.



    What services are offered as a part of 411 & More?

    For more information about what services are offered as a part of 411 & More, refer to the following information:

    Services offered as a part of 411 & More include:

    Local and national listings

    Enhanced services include:

    • Movie listings: Show times, theatre location, movie title, rating, and a brief review.
    • Weather: Extended forecasts for major cities nationwide.
    • Horoscopes: Birthday and daily horoscopes for all of the zodiac signs.
    • Sports: Professional and college sports scores including inning, quarter or period, and final game scores.
    • Restaurant listings: Receive location and even service ratings for restaurants within many metropolitan cities.
    • Stock quotes: Receive equities, indices, and Mutual Fund security quotes. Stock quotes are delayed up to 20 minutes.



    How much does each 411 call cost?

    Each 411 call costs $1.79 plus airtime. If you have enabled a FlexPaySM account, you must have funds in your FlexAccountSM to use 411 & More. The first minute of Directory Assistance is deducted from the FlexAccount for a cost of $1.79. Additional minutes will be deducted from your monthly bucket.



    How many listings are available per call?

    Three directory listings are included per call. Enhanced listings include movie listings, weather, horoscopes, sport scores, stock quotes, and restaurant reviews.



    How can I get more information?

    For more information, go to Services and select 411 & More.



    Who can call 411? Do I need to be on a special rate plan?

    411 service is available on all T-Mobile phones, regardless of the rate plan.



    How do I call a 411 operator from within t-zones?

    To call a 411 operator from within t-zones, perform the following step:

    From the main t-zones page, select the category or listing desired, and then select 411 & More.

    NOTE: You will be provided with additional information on 411 services and a link to connect to a live 411 operator who is ready to help you. Each call costs $1.79 plus airtime.