International roaming checklist

Learn how to use your phone while travelling internationally on this page.


The Simple Choice plan as well as some additional plans already include international roaming at no additional charge. For more information, read about Simple Choice Goes Global. With WorldClass® service you can make calls worldwide at rates as low as $.99 per minute. All you need is a dual-, tri-, or  quad-band device and WorldClass service on your T-Mobile account. All T-Mobile  phones will work in Canada and Mexico.


Some devices may transmit and receive data without any user action, which may result in unexpected charges when you travel internationally. Some services that are free of charge when used domestically may incur charges when roaming internationally.




To use your phone while traveling internationally, follow these steps:

1. Verify your phone is technically capable

  1. Note that all T-Mobile phones operate on the 1900 MHz band. However, many of the phones we sell are capable of using other GSM bands such as 850 MHz, 900 MHz, and 1800 MHz.
  2. Determine which frequency bands are available in the countries you're traveling to by learning about International roaming.
  3. In the drop-down list, select the country you're visiting.If it's not listed, then T-Mobile does not currently have a roaming agreement with that country and your service may not work.
    Note: On the International roaming page, you can also verify:
      • Rate per Minute
        • This is the roaming rate, not the international dialing rate.
        • Anytime your device makes or receives a call, you'll be charged this per-minute rate.
        • If you call another country, other than back to the US, you may also be assessed an international dialing charge.
        • For more information, learn about international calling.
      • Country Code
      • Frequency
        • These are the frequencies on which a country operates its mobile network.
        • Your device needs to support at least one of these frequencies to connect.
        • For more information, see Phones & Devices:
          • Select your device.
          • Select the Tech Specs document.
          • Find Frequency Bands.
      • Data Speed
        • This is how fast your data speed should be.
      • View a map of the coverage
        • This will show you the areas in which you should have coverage.


2.  Activate international service

  • Simple Choice and some additional plans (such as eligible Classic) already include international roaming at no additional charge (as of October 20, 2013). For more information, read about Simple Choice Goes Global.
  • To activate WorldClass international service for plans that do NOT already include international roaming, read about Adding WorldClass Roaming. There is no recurring charge or activation fee for this feature.


    • Only the account owner may request activation.
    • The account must be a T-Mobile postpaid account. (Prepaid plans are not eligible.)
    • Activation is subject to approval.
    • You  will also need a multi-band device for use overseas, though all T-Mobile devices will work in Canada and Mexico.
    • Incoming and outgoing calls are charged at WorldClass rates, which are in US dollars and subject to change at any time.

3. Review Coverage and usage rates

  • Check to see which countries qualify for unlimited data and texting.
  • If you plan on using your phone outside our coverage area, you can also check rates for the country you're visiting.


4. Review how to access voicemail and use text messaging


5. Review Data Roaming

For more information on data roaming, read about Simple Choice Goes Global or International data roaming.


6. Save our International Customer Care number in your phone

T-Mobile Customer Care:
+1-505-998-3793 (this is a FREE call from your T-Mobile phone) or 001-505-998-3793 (from a landline).


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