Motorola Software Update: Motorola ACTV / RAZR2 / V8 / ROKR E8

Use this page to guide you through updating your Motorola handset’s software using Motorola Software Update (MSU).


  • See Motorola Software Update - All Devices to determine if the customer needs and qualifies to update their software.
  • During the software update, any Digital Rights Management (DRM) specific content saved to the handset memory will be lost. This can include but is not limited to: music, pictures, ringtones, applications and screensavers. Customers must reload all purchased media and applications after the software update.
  • Memory card content is not affected after installing new software. DRM content saved to the memory card is retained but may not function due to licensing issues.
  • Download software at or > Support > Update my Software)

Note: ACTV, RAZR2 V8 & ROKR E8 have different steps outlined in the procedures for updating software.


Exception: Customers that have a MOTOACTV that is unlocked will have the device permanently locked to T-Mobile after performing a software update. This is a performance function of MSU for only this device.




Download and Install MSU on a Computer from

After the one time installation, you can update your software at any time. If you have not installed MSU, peform the following steps:


Important: This process can take up to 20 minutes.


  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to your handset model and click get software.
    step 2.jpg
  3. Enter your 10-digit T-Mobile phone number on the Product Updates screen.
    step 3.jpg
  4. Click Motorola Software Update.
    Note: You can download a user manual and FAQs by selecting the other links.
    step 4.jpg
  5. In the 'File Download - Security Warning' box, click Run to begin the download process.
    step 5.jpg
  6. After the download is complete, click Run in the Security Warning box to install MSU on your computer.
    step 6.jpg
  7. When the splash screen appears, click Next.
    step 7.jpg
  8. On the welcome screen, click Next.
    step 8.jpg
  9. Accept the EULA and click Next.
    step 9.jpg
  10. When the confirm installation screen appears, click Next to start the installation.
    step 10.jpg
  11. When the final installation screen appears, select the checkbox to launch MSU Immediately if desired, then click Close.
    step 11.jpg


Update Handset Software

When you are ready to open MSU and update your software to the newest version, review the following steps:

Note: This process can take up to 30 minutes depending on internet connection speeds.

  1. Open the installed MSU program from the desktop.
    update step 1.jpg
  2. RAZR2 V8, MOTOACTV & ROKR E8 ONLY: chenge the USB mode settings.
    Note: All other devices, skip to step 3.
    update step 2.jpg
  3. Connect the handset to the computer via a USB cable.
  4. Read the Software Update Instructions, then click Next. It will take approximately 30 seconds for the device to be recognized by the computer.

  5. Click Accept to acknowledge that certain data is not backed up will be lost, and click Next.
    update step 5.jpg
  6. Click Accept for the End User License Agreement, and then click Next.
    update step 6.jpg
  7. The computer checks the software and searches for a newer version of software. If there is a new version available, read the notice and click Next


    update step 7a.jpg

    All Other Devices

    update step 7b.jpg

    Note: If you already have the latest software, you can reinstall the software and restore their phone's original factory settings.

    No New Software Screen Shot


    • The software update progress displays on the screen.
      update step 7d.jpg
    • Used data backs up and restores during software update.
      Exception: Data does not back up and restore on the MOTOACTV, MOTORAZR V8, or MOTOROKR E8.

      update step 7e and 7f.JPG
  8. The software update displays as complete. Click End and disconnect your handset from the computer.

    update step 8a.jpg

    • Customers who have not registered their devices may click Register to launch the update manager. The update manager automatically checks for software updates every 30 days and displays an alert on the customer’s computer when an update becomes available.
    • Note: This is an optional step.
      update step 8b and 8c.JPG