Redownload or get updates for games or applications in Play Store: Android

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Play Store only supports re-download apps and games that were paid for. You must log into the phone using the same log in as you did when you paid for the app or game, if you use a new log in you will not see the paid app in My downloads. To re-download a paid application go to Play Store > My downloads.


Play Store also supports manual app updates and auto-updating. Manual updating occurs when there is a permission change in how the app accesses system information. A notification will appear in the notificiations tray or in My Apps in the Play Store. Auto-update of system apps occurs when there is no permission change in the update of the app. The app updates in the background and notifies once its complete in the notifications tray. The auto-update option must be enabled in the app. It does not need to be selected again unless the app has been uninstalled and is reinstalled.


Note: Sometimes you will see the free apps and games but it's not a guarantee they will be there. If you don't see your free app or game in my downloads do a search and download them again. If you have an issue with the app or game please contact the developer.


Important: T-Mobile does not offer credits for any app or game if it has been changed to require a cost to re-download.


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Re-download and re-installing


You can re-install an application an unlimited number of times but must use the original login used to purchase the app or game. For example, if you remove 'My Favorite Game' to save memory or reset the device, you can re-install it at a later date at no charge or you can choose my downloads > click on the application > choose reinstall.


Enable auto-updating


Auto-updating can only be checked on applications that do not require permission changes. Permission changes include access to additional information and systems to enable the app. Auto-updating will occur in the background. Once complete, a notification will appear in the notifications tray stating the update has been completed.


NOTE: Play Store versions 1.0.27 and 1.0.28 will not receive notification if an app has been auto-updated.



  • Play Store client versions 1.0.27, 1.0.28, 3.x and above
  • the system app needs to be in the system partition
  • the updated app needs to be free
  • the updated app needs to be signed with the same signature as the system app
  • the Package Name of the system and updated app needs to be the same
  • the Version Code of the updated app needs to be greater than that of the system app
  • the system app needs to be uploaded to Play Store but not published
  • the updated app needs to be uploaded to Play Store and published
  • the user and device need to match the Play Store Filter targeting for both the system and updated apps



To enable auto-updating, follow these steps:


  1. From the Home screen, tap Applications.
  2. Tap Play Store.
  3. Tap Menu.
  4. Tap My Apps.
  5. Tap the app you want to enable auto-update.
  6. Place a check in the Allow automatic updating box.
  7. Tap Update.