Reset default APN settings for data and picture messaging (MMS): Android

This page goes over setting up, modifying and troubleshooting APN settings on most Android device.


Understanding the Issue

Note: If you have a myTouch 3G / 3G Slide/ 4G, see: Verify the Access Point Name (APN) and internet data connection - T-Mobile myTouch 3G / myTouch 3G Slide / myTouch 4G


Related errors:


  • 'Sending' (but does not send, especially on Android 2.2.1)
  • 'Generic Network Failure'
  • 'Unable to send message, retrying...'
  • 'Permanent Error'


When you receive errors trying to send picture messages (MMS) or access data or the internet, confirm your Android phone is set up correctly. This is usually a problem with device settings.



Resolution Steps

Check settings and reset APN

Checking mobile network settings and resetting the APN resolves the majority of issues, and is much faster than verifying all settings.


  1. If you have a battery saver app, check its settings. Some battery saver apps disable the APNs or data connection when the battery level gets low. You need to adjust these settings or uninstall the app to keep the data connection working
  2. From the Home screen, press the Menu key.
  3. Touch Settings.
  4. Touch Wireless & networks. Depends on software version

    Note: This varies on different software versions.

    • Android 1.6: Wireless Controls.
    • Garminfone: Wireless Manager.
    • Behold II: Phone Information.
    • Android 4.1 (Samsung): Connections tab then tap More networks.


  5. Verify that the Airplane Mode or Flight Mode check box is cleared.
  6. If you see a Mobile Network check box, verify it is selected.
  7. Touch Mobile Networks.
  8. If you see the following check boxes, verify they are selected:
    • Data Enabled
    • Use Packet Data
    • Data Roaming This will incur charges if you roam internationally, but it is required to receive data when roaming domestically.
  9. Touch Access Point Names or APNs.
  10. Press the Menu key.
  11. Touch Reset to default.
  12. Press the Home key.
  13. Verify the person sending the message does NOT use dashes in the number or saved in contacts. For example: 5552223333 is ok, but not 555-222-3333.
  14. Test your data connection, by accessing a web page or sending a picture message (MMS).


Verify and update APN settings

ONLY if the above steps did not correct the settings, then verify the APN settings:


See: T-Mobile internet & MMS APN settings.


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