Reset pattern lock: Android

You can only  reset a pattern lock, if you have a Gmail account set up. To unlock the pattern, follow these steps:


1.  After five (5), ten (10), fifteen (15), etc. unsuccessful attempts at entering the pattern, you will see a  temporary lock out.


Note: The option to sign in will not appear immediately on the phone. It only appears after multiple failed attempts to enter the pattern, and then is goes away after 30 seconds. If the option never appears, then the device does not have a google acount set up, and you must perform a master reset with hardware keys.


2.  Touch Forgot Pattern.


3.   Enter your Gmail username and password.


4.  If you successfully log into your Gmail account, you will see an option  to record a new pattern. Touch Continue.


5.  Draw pattern again.  Touch Confirm. Your new unlock  pattern will display.



Note: If you do not have a Gmail account set up, and you forget your  pattern.  You will not have a "Forgot Password" option.  You will have  to hard reset your phone.