About the Equipment Installment Plan (EIP)

The Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) is a payment option available for qualified new and existing customers on selected rate plans.


To find out if you're eligible for EIP, and what your down payment and monthly installments will be, log in to My T-Mobile and begin the upgrade process.


Qualified customers are eligible to purchase handsets by making a down payment at the time of activation or upgrade and agreeing to pay the remaining balance in a series of 24 installment payments that are added to your monthly billing statement. All customers who choose to use the EIP option are required to enter into a 24-month financing agreement signed at the time of the activation or upgrade. Although this 24-month financing agreement is required, you may choose to pay off your EIP balance at any time by making incremental additional payments or a single payment for the total balance.



EIP Payments

You can make an EIP payment or see your EIP balance several ways:


Payments submitted for the first installment (down payment) do not appear on your bill. You can choose to pay an extra amount at the time of purchase, which will re-calculate and lower your future monthly installments (This is option is not available when upgrading with EIP on our website). If you make an over-payment on your bill, it will not apply to any outstanding installments. Instead, you'll have a credit on your next bill.


When making an extra payment toward your EIP, it will appear to reduce your balance until your cycle closes; the EIP payment will apply at the end of your bill cycle. Your extra payments will not reduce your monthly installment amount; instead, they'll reduce the number of installments you have left to pay. You can choose to pay off a specific EIP on your account, but not a specific device within an EIP.




  • EIP is not available with prepaid, some Business account types, and Classic plans.
  • Customers in Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico are not eligible for EIP.
  • Minimum purchase is $19.99.
  • Certain credit restrictions may apply.
  • Accessories are not EIP-eligible.
  • If you have a current Extended Payment Schedule, you will not be eligible for EIP until it is paid off.



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